[Talk-GB] NaviGPS is rubbish !

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Sat Aug 4 23:07:10 BST 2007

> Does anybody have a BGT-11 ? What do you think of it ? Do I have a dud ? See
> below for my experiences with it –

Yes, I have one. It basically works just fine.

> I went geocaching last week and too both GPSs the Garmin kept a steady
> signal for the complete 2 hours walk even when we walked through the woods.
> The NaviGPS gave up at the first sign of a tree.

If it didn't have a proper signal lock to start with then you can have
problems. It's never really been a problem for me, although some days
are better than others.

> It was strange because the satellites page showed that 10 satellites were
> visible but the track page had a ? showing no position found.

It just beens it knows about 10 satellites, the important number is
the ones it's successfully locked onto. In london it never really goes
above 5... in dorset it went up to 10 at one point....

> Eventually after it had record just short of 4000 track points it record a
> point with a timestamp of I4/I5/55 22:36 – after this it wouldn't record
> anymore track information at all. When I got home I downloaded the track
> (which caused the Navilink software to crash (fortunately it created a GPX
> file first)) and then cleared the track history. It seems to be working
> again.

I occasionally get track points from 2020. I think this is due to it
losing the signal and with it the current time. I never use the
software though - I have an SD card and download the tracks off of

> It sometimes turns itself off. My cycle bracket hasn't arrived yet so I put
> it in my back pocket and quite often when I take it out it has switched
> itself off. I can't work out why. I did wonder if it turned itself off when
> it hasn't had a position for X minutes, but there doesn't seem to be a
> setting in the system menu for anything link this.

I had this problem at first. It turned out that it just didn't like
the SD card I'd stuck in it.If you're using it with an SD card I'd
recommend taking it out and trying it with a different type. It's
incredibly picky about what it will accept, there's a list on the wiki
of SD cards known to work. San Disk Ultra II cards work well.

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