[Talk-GB] Forest trail tagging query

Andy Street mail at andystreet.me.uk
Mon Aug 27 11:23:58 BST 2007


I've been out in the Forest of Bere[1] grabbing GPS traces of the paths
running through the forest but I'm not 100% sure of the best way to tag
them on OSM. The paths themselves run can vary between maintained paths
which are wide enough to drive a vehicle down (but are not permitted) to
simple unmaintained tracks between the trees. A list of access
permissions can be found on this website[2] and there is also an
official ROW (a footpath) on some of the paths.

I've tagged them as permissive bridleways and used foot=yes to denote
the paths that the footpath uses but I'm left with a couple of
unresolved issues:

      * Horse riding is for permit holders only but my current tagging
        scheme does not make this clear.
      * Should the official ROW be tagged as highway=footway,
        horse=permissive or highway=bridleway, foot=yes? Is there any
        difference between the two?

If you were tagging this what would you do?





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