[Talk-GB] Newbie in Bath

Frank Tompson frankie at tompson.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 5 12:03:20 GMT 2007

Hi to all,

This is my first email to the group so the usual apologies for lack of knowledge and asking daft
questions. :-)

I see that a group visited Bath in Aug 06 and had a good stab at initial mapping. Has anyone done
anything since please? Is there anyone resident in the Bath area that’s currently doing

I have an HP ipaq 6915 loaded with ‘Memory-Map’ software, and it works very well for
cycling/walking. Grateful if anyone could advise if it would be suitable for openstreetmap mapping,
or any other observations. (I can ‘Import route from PDA’ etc.)

PS – Has anyone been in contact with the Ramblers Association to see if they might make a good
partner organisation, or would at least be prepared to flag-up this group’s work, as their members
stand to benefit? (I’m a member myself.) Many of their members are of the ‘more mature’ variety, and
would have time on their hands to do some mapping. Although some are not terribly technology
literate (not very well expressed but you get the drift) a growing number are, and might be
interested in such a challenge. Subject to any replies I get here I’ll look to ping something up to
the RA IT User Group.

Regards to all,

Frank Tompson

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