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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Feb 5 12:19:35 GMT 2007

Frank Tompson wrote:
>Sent: 05 February 2007 12:03 PM
>To: talk-gb at openstreetmap.org
>Subject: [Talk-GB] Newbie in Bath
>Hi to all,
>This is my first email to the group so the usual apologies for lack of
>knowledge and asking daft questions. :-)
>I see that a group visited Bath in Aug 06 and had a good stab at initial
>mapping. Has anyone done anything since please? Is there anyone resident in
>the Bath area that's currently doing stuff/coordinating/whatever?

There are definitely 2 existing mappers in Bath currently. Hopefully at
least one will get back to you.

>I have an HP ipaq 6915 loaded with 'Memory-Map' software, and it works very
>well for cycling/walking. Grateful if anyone could advise if it would be
>suitable for openstreetmap mapping, or any other observations. (I can
>'Import route from PDA' etc.)

I can't immediately think of any benefits in using Memory Map. You will be
aware that OSM cannot use any in-copyright data. The software of choice
currently to use with OSM is:
1. gpsbabel - to convert GPS tracklogs to GPX files
2. JOSM - to view the GPX tracklog data and then edit these into map data
3. As an alternative to 2 you can also use the online editing applet.

All off the above are available freely from links of the wiki.

>PS - Has anyone been in contact with the Ramblers Association to see if
>they might make a good partner organisation, or would at least be prepared
>to flag-up this group's work, as their members stand to benefit? (I'm a
>member myself.) Many of their members are of the 'more mature' variety, and
>would have time on their hands to do some mapping. Although some are not
>terribly technology literate (not very well expressed but you get the
>drift) a growing number are, and might be interested in such a challenge.
>Subject to any replies I get here I'll look to ping something up to the RA
>IT User Group.

There has been various communications sent to various RA groups in the past
(generally in association with setting up a mapping weekend) but I'm not
aware of any real interest to date unfortunately. The RA is something we
need a better route into to get OSM promoted.



Andy Robinson 

>Regards to all,
>Frank Tompson

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