[Talk-GB] Newbie in Bath

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Feb 5 12:39:03 GMT 2007

Frank Tompson wrote:
>> This is my first email to the group so the usual apologies for lack of
>> knowledge and asking daft questions. J

>hello and welcome :)

>> PS ? Has anyone been in contact with the Ramblers Association to see if

>I think NickW has tried this?

Sort of - I spoke to a guy at the WSFII do 18 months or so ago.
I have actually joined the Ramblers since then so I'm in more of a 
position to promote OSM to them. There is a local 20s-30s group which 
hopefully might have some interested members. What I'd like to do first is 
to fill in all the woods and lakes in my local area (up to 10 miles or so) 
using the NPE maps, so I can show them a complete map showing paths, woods 
and contours. What would be good - and I *think* I can do that as well - 
is to prepare a mashup with geograph.org as I believe they export in 
GeoRSS now. Even better perhaps would be to adapt the current GPS maps 
code so it is accessible through a web interface.

It would certainly be good to get the Ramblers interested for the proposed 
countryside events this year (Lake District, Purbeck?)


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