[Talk-GB] Newbie in Bath

Graham Wall g.hamwall at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 14:33:30 GMT 2007

> Frank Tompson wrote:
> >
> >I see that a group visited Bath in Aug 06 and had a good stab at initial
> >mapping. Has anyone done anything since please? Is there anyone resident in
> >the Bath area that's currently doing stuff/coordinating/whatever?
> There are definitely 2 existing mappers in Bath currently. Hopefully at
> least one will get back to you.

Indeed there a couple of us. Welcome.

Has anyone done anything since? There has been nothing organised as
far as I know, and I haven't managed to get out and do any of the gaps
which remain. I keep an eye on what is being changed around Bath by
susbscribing to the RSS feed:

I'd been doing South of the river, to the West of the Wells road (the
Oldfild Park sector on the plan
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Image:BathCake.png ) but I
think all the data I have are now labelled and tagged.

We don't have a co-ordinator, but feel free to amend the Bath wiki
page to maybe have some sort of co-ordination there.


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