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Frank Tompson frankie at tompson.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 7 14:47:41 GMT 2007

Thanks to Andy for giving me a steer on using my HP ipaq 6915 running
Windows Mobile 5. Having read through the various OSM pages, however, I'm
still struggling and without some more guidance I am not even going to get
off the ground (or should that be on the ground)?

GPSBabel software, which appears to be the essential component of the
process for converting tracks produced on handheld devices to the required
gpx upload format, seems to be geared very much to Garmin and Magellan. The
GPSBabel 'Capabilities' page (http://www.gpsbabel.org/capabilities.html)
lists a variety of programs that it can convert, but does not include
Memory-Map that I have installed on my ipaq 6915.

Could anyone shed any light please? Am I being a bit dim in missing
something very obvious?


Frank Tompson

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Frank Tompson wrote:
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>Hi to all,
>This is my first email to the group so the usual apologies for lack of
>knowledge and asking daft questions. :-)
>I see that a group visited Bath in Aug 06 and had a good stab at initial
>mapping. Has anyone done anything since please? Is there anyone resident in
>the Bath area that's currently doing stuff/coordinating/whatever?

There are definitely 2 existing mappers in Bath currently. Hopefully at
least one will get back to you.

>I have an HP ipaq 6915 loaded with 'Memory-Map' software, and it works very
>well for cycling/walking. Grateful if anyone could advise if it would be
>suitable for openstreetmap mapping, or any other observations. (I can
>'Import route from PDA' etc.)

I can't immediately think of any benefits in using Memory Map. You will be
aware that OSM cannot use any in-copyright data. The software of choice
currently to use with OSM is:
1. gpsbabel - to convert GPS tracklogs to GPX files
2. JOSM - to view the GPX tracklog data and then edit these into map data
3. As an alternative to 2 you can also use the online editing applet.

All off the above are available freely from links of the wiki.

>PS - Has anyone been in contact with the Ramblers Association to see if
>they might make a good partner organisation, or would at least be prepared
>to flag-up this group's work, as their members stand to benefit? (I'm a
>member myself.) Many of their members are of the 'more mature' variety, and
>would have time on their hands to do some mapping. Although some are not
>terribly technology literate (not very well expressed but you get the
>drift) a growing number are, and might be interested in such a challenge.
>Subject to any replies I get here I'll look to ping something up to the RA
>IT User Group.

There has been various communications sent to various RA groups in the past
(generally in association with setting up a mapping weekend) but I'm not
aware of any real interest to date unfortunately. The RA is something we
need a better route into to get OSM promoted.



Andy Robinson

>Regards to all,
>Frank Tompson

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