[Talk-GB] South Hampshire mapping weekend - April 28/29

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Sun Feb 25 10:36:36 GMT 2007

Hello everyone,

Bit of a gap in the mapping weekends after mid March so I think it's high time 
the first one of the warmer months of the year was organised.

South Hampshire is one of the better mapped areas of the UK in OSM, but 
there's still plenty that could be done and if a good number attend, there is 
the possibility of generating some real complete mapping. Indeed, it's quite 
feasible that Southampton could be completely mapped (as much of it has been 
done already) which would be the first city of 100,000+ to have complete OSM 

There would be other options too, for example mapping the historic city of 
Winchester (little done yet) or filling in street names in Portsmouth, which 
is mapped with segments only at the moment.

I'll hopefully try and organise a venue at my place of work (as long as the 
costs aren't too high) which could have the advantage of attracting 
interested students.

More details later but I'll add a wiki page later on.


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