[Talk-GB] Phone Mast data - Guardian reports

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Mon Feb 26 09:30:05 GMT 2007

On 26 Feb 2007, at 09:01, Robert Hart wrote:
> > More info here:  http://www.freeourdata.org.uk/blog/?p=103
> That's interesting. I was wondering yesterday about the legal  
> status of information released under FOD was - does it count as PD?  
> Or is it more a case of copyright + fair use? Does it matter if the  
> organisation doing the releasing derives the data from OS?
> It would be very interesting to try a similar exercise with other  
> mappable sites. CofE churches? post boxes, post offices? Army bases?
How bizarre, I was only talking about base station data with somebody  
yesterday. For those who are unaware, this site has had their  
locations on it for a while but is fairly nasty:


As for other mappable sites, I think the biggest problem would likely  
be that the people holding the data wouldn't necessarily know the lat/ 
lons of the locations. For example I'm sure the CofE would be happy  
to give us a list of churches, but I'm guessing all they could give  
us would be addresses and postcodes which we currently don't have any  
free and open way of geocoding.


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