[Talk-GB] NCN refs - consistency

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
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I'd like to see a consistent format adopted as well.

Many of the Kent routes are ones that I've input. I use the single
letter followed by number format for the following reasons:

- The letter is required because otherwise it's not clear whether you
mean a national or a regional route. I live close to both regional cycle
route 17 and national cycle route 17. I suspect that the initial letter
may have been missed off by some people simply because there aren't many
regional routes in some places of the country. In Kent I'm aware of six
regional routes (11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18) as well as four national routes
(1, 2, 17, 18).
- The second letter "r", meaning route, is superfluous. We know it's a
- Both NCR and NCN are in common use, but it would be just be more
confusing to use these. Especially as the last R/N in these means route
/ network, not regional / national.

BTW, I was the person that added to R79 to the Downs Link in Surrey /
West Sussex. So that's why it matches the format that I use in Kent.
I've also tagged portions of N12, N21, N57, and N61 outside of Kent in
the same way.

I think part of the reason that both the (N|R)x and (N|R)Rx formats are
in common use is that the wiki pages are inconsistent:

shows an example with the reference N54.

shows references like NR1 or Kent RR17.


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Hi all,

There's currently little national consistency with the ncn_ref values.
Variations are:
4 (digits only)
N4 (1 char prefix)
NR4 (2 char prefix)
NCN 4 (3 char prefix, and space)
NCN25 (3 char prefix, no space)
R79 (regional, 1 char prefix)
RR47 (regional, 2 char prefix)
proposed NR41 (free text)

>From looking at the coverage, the first and second are quite popular,
with the 1 char regional routes prevalent, especially in Kent. I'd
like to get some consistency, since it looks a mess on my renderings!

Personally, I prefer the digits only, but I'm not 'into' the national
cycle network much, so I'm interested to see if there is a convention
established elsewhere in print. The signposts I've seen have only the
route number. My personal feeling is that the N prefix is redundant.

I've started tagging London Cycle Network with an lcn_ref tag. Would
we be better off doing similar for the Regional Routes (rcn_ref)? I'd
like to render them differently (red for ncn, blue for lcn is my
current theme) and it's just easier for me to do so based on tags
rather than values.

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts.


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