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Dave_A_F d.a_web3 at fiddes.net
Sat Jul 14 18:17:08 BST 2007

I like the ideas Shaun - if there is a worldwide tag cycle_route its much
better than using ncn_ref even if we have a little rework..

Just a couple of points

The ref should not be just a number - numbers on the rendered map can easily
be confused - much better N1 or NR1 though I prefer the former.
I would suggest that using just a number is a bit like relying on the route
being rendered as red of green to know that 1 meant A1 etc.

The other point I would make is that URLs are not really constant -
webmasters tend to shift stuff more often than they change their socks so I
fear that your new tag would soon hold obsolete informatiuon.

Anyway thats my twopenceworth


p.s. I do hope I have doen this rigth as its first attempt to post
anything - Old dog - new trick etc!
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  I don't like having to remember to hit "reply all" for the OSM lists, can
this setting be changed? Can I also get a copy of mail that I send to the
list, just like the OpenOffice.org list do? That way I know that the mail
has gone to the list without having to go to the archive.

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    Sounds good. Send it to the list though :-)

    On 7/11/07, Shaun McDonald <shaunmcdonald131 at gmail.com> wrote:

      On 11 Jul 2007, at 11:51, Andy Allan wrote:

      > On 7/11/07, Gregory Williams
      > <gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk> wrote:
      >> All,
      >> I'd like to see a consistent format adopted as well.
      >> Many of the Kent routes are ones that I've input. I use the single
      >> letter followed by number format for the following reasons:
      >> - The letter is required because otherwise it's not clear whether
      >> mean a national or a regional route. I live close to both regional
      >> cycle
      >> route 17 and national cycle route 17. I suspect that the initial
      >> letter
      >> may have been missed off by some people simply because there
      >> aren't many
      >> regional routes in some places of the country. In Kent I'm aware
      >> of six
      >> regional routes (11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18) as well as four national
      >> routes
      >> (1, 2, 17, 18).
      > Out of interest, are these regional routes in Kent formally part of
      > the National Cycle Network, or some other regional network? On the
      > sign posts, does it say "NCN 17" or have 17 in white on a red
      > background, ala the NCRs? For instance, the London Cycle Network is
      > completely independent of the National Cycle network, and so have
      > different logos, numbering and so on.
      > I'd really prefer to break the different networks into different
      > somehow, as it's much easier to treat them separately without having
      > to have fuzzy text parsing of the values. Same way we have
      > highway=secondary instead of just parsing the reference number to
      > and match B roads.

      How about
      {national,regional,local,national_link,regional_link,local_link} I'm
      adding links, as there are often short sections of cycle way between
      residential areas or the rest of the road network and the main part
      of the cycle way.
      cycle_route_url=link to an official site about the specific route for
      example http://www.sustrans.org.uk/default.asp?sID=1099664999015 If
      there is descriptions of the route multiple urls could be given
      through a ; or , separator.
      cycle_route_org={sustrans, nationalbyway, etc} Not sure about this
      one just now, though could do with some changes.

      This should hopefully be generic enough for other countries too.


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