[Talk-GB] GPS vs Potlatch

Dave_A_F d.a_web3 at fiddes.net
Thu Jul 19 18:12:36 BST 2007

That seems to sum it up pretty well Dave.

Basicaly if you don't eyeball the place on the ground you are liable to end
up joining the way over the bridge with the one under the bridge.

I am mostly in reasonably open suburbia or country and so GPS works
adequately but a little tweak here and there using  satellite makes it

Its the local knowledge supplemented by visiting taking photos and notes
that will make the map - GPS and sattellite are only a step on the way.


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> > Apologies if this has come up before. But what are the
> arguments/reasons for
> > using the aerial photography or making GPS traces. Is the
> accuracy of either
> > much of a problem? Or is it just that the photos aren't so high-res in
> > certain areas, or outdated, so GPS is better.
> >
> For GPS:
>  - GPS was around first before we were allowed to use Yahoo.
>  - Yahoo does not cover everywhere, as you say
>  - GPS is a record of where you went (useful for linking photos
> to places etc)
>  - GPS lets you map things not immediately obvious from Yahoo, ie:
> foot paths in the country side
> For Yahoo:
>  - GPS is sometimes not very accurate (ie: built up areas) - here it's
> easier to trace
>  - you don't have to go down *every* road -- you just get the name and
> map the extent by tracing -- you have to be careful not to miss foot
> paths and side roads though
>  - it's easier to put in area features such as park/lake
> boundaries from Yahoo.
>  - you can even get some things like building outlines (for hospitals,
> stations prisons etc)
>  - you can map some things in places you can't actually go.. mostly
> this isn't very useful, but it makes the map look pretty :-)
> I mostly use Yahoo, but I always carry a GPS collecting a track log
> anyway. That way you get the best of both.
> Dave
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