[Talk-GB] Southwest UK mapping party

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Sun Jul 22 07:32:55 BST 2007

It was me that's been doing lots of tracing in the Southwest. I was just
trying to lay a framework of the roads to help with surveying others
from. I often find it easier to survey areas bounded my a number of
major roads in one go. It gave me something to do whilst the weather was
rubbish and I couldn't get out on my bike to get my own surveys where I

It's quite possible that some of the roads have changed since NPE, but
not being local to the area I don't know that firsthand. Any other
source I might use for the references / class of roads would mean me
breaching copyright.

Someone more knowledgable about the area can relabel, and perhaps refine
my traces with a survey. If the original road now forms more than one
new road then the way can just be split at the appropriate point.

Well done on the 1M+ trackpoints in the Southwest. It'll be great to
have some more surveyed data in the area. BTW, I think there's a batch
upload script available somewhere.


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On Wed, Jul 18, 2007 at 09:28:09AM +0100, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> OJW wrote:
> > I'm also "penciling-in" a week of Devon/North Cornwall exploration
in the
> > weekend of 31 August - 3rd September
> Worth alerting Mike "tracing NPE maps" Calder? He's local:
> http://www.guillemotdesign.org/

In my holiday-mapping of Cornwall a few weeks ago I noticed someone had
been doing a lot of tracing (this was Southern Cornwall Helston/St.Ives/
Land's End). Unfortunately they haven't been taking into account that
many of the larger roads have changed recently. The A30, for instance,
is practically a completely different route.

However, most of the minor roads are still the same. Something for
NPE tracers to consider.

I need to work out how to upload all my 1M+ trackpoints, including
the Cornish bits. Grr for web interfaces ;).


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