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The nice people at Transport 2000 recently agreed to act as a charitable
conduit for donations.  This means that anyone who wants to give a
significant sum of money to OSMF ( typically >£1,000) can obtain tax relief
by donating it via Transport 2000.  Transport 2000 are a registered charity
and so donations via them are more tax efficient.  Contact me in the first
instance if you want to make use of this facility.

During the course of discussions with them they saw the benefit of using an
OSM map on their web-site, which they are currently in the process of

Unfortunately the area where their offices are (to the north east of Old
Street) is not very complete.  Are there any active OSMers in that area that
might like to have a go at making it more complete?  There's good Yahoo
imagery for the area for those who don't live near by, or someone could
organise a mapping party and get the Transport 2000 people involved.


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From: Estelle Taylor
Date: Jul 25, 2007 2:46 PM

 Hi guys,

As you may recall, we're working on launching a new website. I'd like to
snip a map from Open Street Map to show users where our offices are – and
help promote your work. However, the map is incomplete! Is our part of town
a part you might consider completing? As it stands now, it's too incomplete
to use on our site.



Estelle Taylor,

Communications Director

Transport 2000: Putting people and the environment first

The Impact Centre, 12-18 Hoxton Street, London N1 6NG

Telephone: 020 7613 7720

VOTE FOR US! If you are a Co-operative Bank customer, please vote for us in
the bank's Charity Vote. More votes mean more funding from the bank. Please
vote today: http://survey.cooperativecampaigns.co.uk/charityvote/

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I hope you found the meeting at Transport 2000 on the 6th useful. I was

certainly impressed with the clarity of your presentation, and the progress

the project has been making recently.

Can I suggest that I now leave it with you to discuss directly with T2000

the possibility setting up a charitable conduit and any changes you would

need to make internally for that to be possible, (it is my understanding

that the requirements are modest).

As I mentioned at the meeting I am happy to support OSM with a personal

donation of £6K once the conduit has been established. I think you could

also expect to find that other grant making bodies might be interested in

supporting your project once this conduit is established. I have spoken to a

couple already who seemed positive.

I have copied this email to Estelle Taylor (who attended the meeting), Jason

Torrance (who had hoped to have attended the meeting), and Domenic Geyer,

who is their fund-raising specialist.


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