[Talk-GB] Who was mapping Dulwich park? (also make alledits public!)

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Thu Jul 26 10:32:54 BST 2007

On 26 Jul 2007, at 10:16, Tom Chance wrote:

> 1. Adding ways to existing nodes often doesn't work, resulting in  
> two nodes
> right next to each other. See, for example, way #4946782 (a semi- 
> circular
> footway at the top of Dulwich Park). Perhaps Potlatch could be a  
> bit more
> obvious when it is connecting a way to an existing node (visually,  
> I mean),
> and a bit more zealous to do this?

For the record I've found areas where this sort of thing has been  
done near me, the "worst" was when a road was connected to the other  
side of a dual carriageway with out attaching to the "near" side if  
you see what I mean. Obviously this is more user error than anything  
though really.

Tom - by the way I've forwarded your "who's mapping in East Dulwich"  
email to a friend who is, in fact, mapping in East Dulwich. He didn't  
do that park, he did the bit to the east of Lordship Lane and is  
quite interested to find there's someone nearby (in fact amusingly  
enough only yesterday I got him to enter his home location and we  
found you as his nearest mapper :-). Hopefully he'll be in touch soon  
(if he hasn't already).


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