[Talk-GB] [OSM-talk] dangerous cycling lanes (was Re: A new highwaytagging scheme - thinking about)

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Sep 11 15:51:27 BST 2007

Andy Allan wrote:
> OK, much as I'm loath to propose new tags from past experience on  
> the list, here's some suggestions.
> [...]
> Let me know which option you pick, and I'll get it into this week's map.

Thanks for the ideas. I've remembered how much I hate tagging discussions now.


I've retagged the National Byway that I've done as
   route=National Byway
so that there's something within the "standard" tagspace.

Then, for a loop, I've added
   national_byway=Oakham Loop

Just in case someone wants to universally render the national_byway  
tag, I've also added
   national_byway=National Byway
for the main line, though for obvious reasons I'd rather not have to,  
and hope someone will tell me to stop it.

If anyone objects please go and retag it: there's bits in Rutland  
around Exton/Ashwell, Langham and Wing/Glaston/Seaton; and a bit in  
Oxfordshire around Kirtlington.


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