[Talk-GB] London Stay

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 13:19:37 BST 2007

On 9/14/07, Andreas Brauchli <linux at elementarea.net> wrote:
> Hello fellow mappers,
> i'm planning on visiting london in early december along with my g/f,
> thing is i need a place to stay and i'd like first hand informations :)
> i need a nice, cheap * to *** hotel in the 1st or 2nd metro zone. i've
> seen (among many others) the "pembridge palace" which seems ok. any
> other suggestions/recommandations?

I think "nice" and "cheap" are mutually exclusive in most parts of
Zones 1+2. I live in zone 2 though, so I've not stayed in many places,
but the prices I've seen advertised seem extreme. Perhaps someone else
knows of a hidden gem or two.

> since i'm an OSMapper i'm not gonna go on vacation without my gps. are
> there still spots in central london that need coverage (i've seen you
> GB-guys have been very active!)? maybe tube stations, parks, ..?

Tube stations are the one thing we *don't* need - they're all done!


There are still areas that need doing, but using a GPS in most places
is hard, and you might want to print yahoo imagery instead. As to
whether we'll have left anything for you to do by december...


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