[Talk-GB] Running JOSM (+ Java) on flash disk

LeedsTracker leedstracker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 13:43:12 BST 2007

Hello all,

Sorry if this is an inappropriate list but hope it's OK.

I would like to get JOSM working properly from a USB flash disk, with
Java on the disk too, for times I am using a Java-less machine (e.g. a
university computer).

I have it mostly working but with some errors. My understanding of
java is negligible but I would like to work on this. I have started
some notes here:

I copied an installation of the latest Java runtimes from an
installation on my home PC to my flash disk.

In a windows batch file, I can run JOSM like so:

  set APPDATA=\somefolder
  \java\bin\java.exe -jar \josm\josm-latest.jar

The first line tells Java/JOSM where to find my preferences, and this works OK.

JOSM then runs but I get an error popup at startup:

  Error initializing test SpellCheck

...and in the DOS box on launch it says:


It looks like Java and/or JOSM is not finding things it expects to
find, either within Java's libraries or within josm.jar.

Any ideas on tackling this would be most welcome.


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