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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Sep 20 10:33:27 BST 2007

Dave Stubbs wrote:
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>On 20/09/2007, Abigail Brady <morwen at evilmagic.org> wrote:
>	On 9/20/07, Nick Folwell <nick.folwell at btinternet.com > wrote:
>		What do people use for speed limits in the UK? The
>tag is supposed to be in km/hr. I've started using "maxspeed=30mph", is
>that consistent with what others are using? Or should we have "maxspeed=30;
>	maxspeed=48 ?
>but even that's not /right/.
>I came across a speed limit in Windsor Great Park a few weeks back for
>38mph which is a little odd... I'm not going to encode that as maxspeed=
>61.1 as that would seem silly. Apparently they decided on a 60km/h limit in
>1973, but by law have to provide mph signage, and so translated (rounding
>I say include the units and use the locally defined units. To be compatible
>maybe add a new tag for this: maxspeed_localunits=38mph (obviously thinking
>up a better name).
>Or do it the other way round, so maxspeed_kph=61
>PS. Yeah, I know, the accuracy here is barely relevant... most car speedos
>will have a higher error margin than that anyway.
Since the speed limit is generally a statutory value in my view the actual
number displayed should go in the database. So that means it also needs an
accompanying unit.

So maxspeed=30 and maxspeed_unit=mph would avoid any confusion



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk

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