[Talk-GB] Speed limits

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Sep 20 10:48:20 BST 2007

Dave Stubbs wrote:

> I came across a speed limit in Windsor Great Park a few weeks back for 38mph
> which is a little odd... I'm not going to encode that as maxspeed=61.1 as
> that would seem silly.

There are signs on a few canals in Leicestershire which say, in a nice  
little red circle, "6.43 km/h". I kid you not.

The Environment Agency did it the sensible way. When they introduced a  
speed limit on the Thames, they purposefully chose 5mph because it'd  
be easy to sign as 8km/h if that was ever required.

Anyway, back to the point, I'm not sure about the point of using  
"maxspeed_units" as a separate tag - it's adding an extra point of  
failure (what if the tag's removed? what if a client sees one tag and  
ignores the other?) and it's more of a faff to edit. Most importantly,  
it's another thing to remember - OSM tagging is difficult enough for  
the beginner without expanding the vocabulary needlessly.


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