[Talk-GB] Speed limits

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Sep 20 11:37:52 BST 2007

Andy Robinson wrote:

> Map features originally assumed everything would be in SI units to give some
> level of standardisation, but as time has gone on its clear that's not the
> best way for users to make the most of it. So even an assumed default of
> metric is not ideal when the units are missing. Much better perhaps to
> understand where the feature is and be clever at interpreting what the value
> means.

One of the lovely, but hard-to-pin-down, things about OSM is that tags  
are usually interpreted in context. So "highway=trunk" famously means  
something different here than in France.

I suspect if we took this across to talk@, then the rest of the world  
would be outraged that they had to start tagging things as "40kph"  
rather than "40" simply because the British persist with such an  
antiquated measurement system. But yes, in the UK I think adding  
explicit units is the way forward.


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