[Talk-GB] [Fwd: Re: Speed limits]

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Sep 21 08:39:13 BST 2007

Mark Williams wrote:

> For the record, I have no great urge to go metric ourselves; I just  
> want
> things to work, and perceive a  point of failure in this. I realise  
> that
> programmers can easily add a comversion routine - but why cause the
> problem?

Well, it kind of depends whether you think it's easier for five  
programmers to write

if ($speed=~/(\d+)mph/) { $speed=$1*1.6093; }

or for thousands of mappers to learn yet another new tagging rule.  
Given the large amount of parsing that will be required to get any  
OSM data into routeable format, the programming effort in the above  
is trivial.


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