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Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Fri Sep 21 11:31:01 BST 2007

At 11:13 AM 9/21/2007, Dave Stubbs wrote:
>I'm definitely against this idea!
>For the record, I have no great urge to go metric ourselves; I just want
>things to work, and perceive a  point of failure in this. I realise that
>programmers can easily add a comversion routine - but why cause the
>problem? It's like the Millenium Bug - a bit of forethought would have
>prevented all the hoohah, and work to make it all OK - & we coped with
>that too, but can't we learn a lesson??
>Yeah, if we'd just thought ahead the map feature would have stated 
>from the beginning that you should state your units. I remember my 
>physics teacher at school was very insistent on people stating their 
>units. Leaving the units off is quite a bit like not bothering with 
>the first 2 digits of the year for whatever reason.

I'm not so sure about that in the OSM context.  My personal feeling 
is that Map Features would be maturer with explicitly stated 
defaults.  For example, a residential, unclassified, secondary 
highway defaults to paved/sealed unless otherwise stated.  That gives 
the guys working on rendering and routing an explicit rule to work on 
but still allows quick and easy tagging in the majority of 
cases.  That being so, the issue in hand, units for speed limits, is 
a simple case of deciding what the default should be:  "kph unless 
otherwise stated" or "the currently used system in the country being 
mapped".  There are obvious merits to both.  My preference is the second.

Just my 2 cents!


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