[Talk-GB] East Hants Mapping Party - Thanks

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Sep 24 12:33:21 BST 2007

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all (Andy, Rob, Dan, Colin, Roger and Jack) who attended what 
I'm sure everyone would agree was a very successful mapping weekend. 
Indeed I think it was probably the most successful weekend I've been on in 
terms of coverage, with the vast majority of roads and footpaths in an 
approx 6x3 mile rural area covered. It looks like we have successfully 
"filled the gap" (with apologies to Etienne - don't sue me for trademark 
infringement :-) ) between the existing good coverage to the NE and SW of 
the area.

After the positive experience of this weekend I'd strongly encourage 
anyone else who is interested to organise this sort of mapping event. The 
low density of the roads together with a concerted effort to cover all the 
footpaths means that a lot could be done in a relatively short period of 

Following on from the success of this weekend I'd like to propose a 
similar event in SW Surrey - between Haslemere and Guildford - for next 
spring, when hopefully foot and mouth issues will be a distant memory. 
Again this will aim to "fill the gap" between good coverage in the 
Haslemere and Guildford area, with the possibility of a near continuous 
swathe of both road and footpath coverage stretching between London and 
Bournemouth possibly realised.


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