[Talk-GB] mapping tunnels

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Fri Sep 28 12:48:19 BST 2007

>When I mapped Kingsway I basically did a straight line between the
>points where the GPS traces stopped, fortunately the GPS worked
>pretty well even in the cutting, and Kingsway doesn't have any
>junctions. You're probably fine using guesswork really, you should be
>able to do the main straight part quite easily, and then the extra
>exits might be a little flakey, but that's fine until better data is

First post here, so hopefully this has gone to the right place!

When I added the tunnels on the A538 under the runway at Manchester Airport, 
I basically drew them in roughly as a constant-ish radius curve. That's 
certainly what they feel like to drive through. I can't see that too many 
people would be losing sleep if there a few metres out.

It obviously gets a little more complex if there's junctions and curves in 
different directions, but I still agree that it's best initially if we can 
get it on the map, then worry about the precise route.

Richard B 

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