[Talk-GB] Planet.osm extracts for various parts of the UK

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 19 17:01:18 BST 2008


   for some time I have offered daily planet.osm exctracts (and shape
files) for some European countries at the "geofabrik" download server,
among them one for (the whole of) Ireland and one for Great Britain:


Starting today, I'll also have individual files for England, Scotland,
and Wales:


The Scottish border was taken from OSM, the Wales border was manually
drawn from a Wikipedia raster map so might be slightly off (tell me if
you notice something wrong). 

I also aim at providing the next-lower administrative subdivision and
will use OSM borders for that. Not many counties have a "full circle"
of "boundary=administrative" ways yet but some do; I have started with
Nottinghamshire as a proof-of-concept:


And will add the others step by step. (The process of extracting the
boundary polygon from OSM data is not - yet? - automatic, it requires
some manual intervention, so the shape of the extract will not change
automatically if you edit the border.)

I had initally planned to use the administrative subdivisions from the
"GADM" data set but you found so many problems with them when I posted
the list here a while ago that I decided not to do that and use OSM
data instead, where we have it.

I hope this is of use to some.


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