[Talk-GB] Rendering places of worship in Mapnik

brian.prangle at blueyonder.co.uk brian.prangle at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Apr 24 10:16:34 BST 2008

Some months ago I raised this issue in the Mapnik list and everyone agreed
that rendering mosques (and other religions) with christian symbols didn't
make sense and would be a trivial fix. Both Osmarender and now JOSM have
this fixed.

Green crescent and star seems to be the favourite image for mosques, blue
Star of David for synagogues - not sure for Sikh temples)

I can still see mosques in Birmingham rendered as christian symbols. This
is not doing a lot of good for local community relations as Mapnik is the
default render and this is the first view of OSM that new peopele will
see, and certainly will not help in attracting OSMers in the area.

I raised this again recently in the Mapnik list and the responses have
been that this is not a Mapnik issue but an OSM one. How does this get



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