[Talk-GB] Rendering places of worship in Mapnik

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Thu Apr 24 10:34:45 BST 2008

brian.prangle at blueyonder.co.uk wrote:
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>Subject: [Talk-GB] Rendering places of worship in Mapnik
>Some months ago I raised this issue in the Mapnik list and everyone agreed
>that rendering mosques (and other religions) with christian symbols didn't
>make sense and would be a trivial fix. Both Osmarender and now JOSM have
>this fixed.
>Green crescent and star seems to be the favourite image for mosques, blue
>Star of David for synagogues - not sure for Sikh temples)
>I can still see mosques in Birmingham rendered as christian symbols. This
>is not doing a lot of good for local community relations as Mapnik is the
>default render and this is the first view of OSM that new peopele will
>see, and certainly will not help in attracting OSMers in the area.
>I raised this again recently in the Mapnik list and the responses have
>been that this is not a Mapnik issue but an OSM one. How does this get


I agree with you. Mapnik ought to change to a neutral rendering of places of
worship unless the religion= tag has been added. I'll raise it with Steve8
later and see if we can get the style changed for the instances where there
is no religion=.



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