[Talk-GB] Sutton party report

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Mon Jun 2 14:24:05 BST 2008


Thanks to Shaun, Tim, Thomas, Philip, Steve and others who turned up to
help out on the day, with good weather and a pub trip afterwards people
seemed to have fun and show off their new OSM hi-vis vests :)

We've almost completed the London Borough of Sutton, and should be able to
complete it by the end of July. I'm planning a mini event as part of a
council green travel festival in Sutton town centre that month. We also
made good links with Living Streets, Cyclism (local branch of the London
Cycling Campaign) and the council's TFL-funded green travel initiative
called Smarter Travel Sutton.

Anyway, I've written it up here, I just wanted to thank everyone who turned


Kind regards,

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