[Talk-GB] GPS handheld prices dropping considerably

Mike Paley GPS at pmailkeey.wanadoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 5 21:10:11 BST 2008

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Subject: [Talk-GB] GPS handheld prices dropping considerably

I've noted a significant downward trend in the price of Garmin eTrex units
over the last couple of months. For instance, you can now pick up a Garmin
eTrex Legend HCx, which has the newer high sensitivity receiver and can
display OSM mapping (using mkgmap) for £140 including a 2GB micro SD card.

I tried Garmin re an Open Mapsource before coming here and they didn't seem
interested. Now it seems they're going the 'other way' !

I _MUST_ make a note to myself to have a serious look at OSM the next time
I'm near a broadband connection!


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