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Micro mapping party in Leeds, 22nd June.

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Back in February we did an Open Street Map micro-mapping event followed by a
 WYLUG socual meet in the evening. I enjoyed this, so have decided to organise
 annother. This will take place on the afternoon/evening Sunday 22 June.


 I propose we meet in the Becketts Bank branch of Wetherspoons on Park
 Row - http://tinyurl.com/3m2yh7

 Weather forecast for Sunday looks good (if you believe such things!), so
 hopefully it'll be a nice day.

 If we meet about 2pm in Becketts bank, we can divide up the map and pair up
 people as necessary/appropriate, which will probably take half an hour or so.
 Remember to bring GPS (if you have one), and notepad/camera or dictaphone for
 taking notes.

 I'd like to encourage both experienced mappers and newcomers to attend. Last
 time we had a mixture of both. If you don't have a GPS unit we may be able to
 led you one, or failing that pair you with someone who does. If you have
 spare GPS units please bring them along.

 We'll figure out who's doing what on the day, depending who turns up. Those
 with transport may want to do areas a bit further out, but there are also
 areas within walking or easy public transport distance.

 We'll then do a couple of hours or so mapping, and meet back at Becketts Bank
 at 5pm-ish (We'll see how enthusiastic/energetic people feel on the day!) to
 take stock.  We can also demostrate mapping techniques for anyone new to
 JOSM. The interface tends to be a bit quirky, and I found it really useful to
 get a quick practical introduction from an experienced mapper.
 I believe there's wireless so those with laptops can upload traces.

 This also leaves a bit of time for people to grab food before heading to...


 Meet in the Scarbrough Hotel from 7pm. - http://tinyurl.com/6yfggu

 Anyone who's attended before or been to the pub after a WYLUG meeting will
 know what to expect. It's just an informal get together, with no particular
 agenda. Given the participants the topics of conversation tend to be fairly
 geeky :-)

 The Scarbrough Hotel is conveniently located right next to Leeds train
 station, and serves a good range of ale, plus other drinks.

 As always, all are welcome. If you've not been down to a WYLUG before, just
 look out for the nice shiny penguin poster - or get in touch beforehand and
 we'll keep an eye out for you. :)


 Sunday 22 June

 2:00pm Meet Becketts Bank Wetherspoons, Park Row, Leeds
 2:30-5:00pm(ish) - Out mapping
 5:00pm - Return to Becketts bank for review.

 7:00pm (until everyone goes home!) - WYLUG Social, Scarbrough Hotel

 Attendance at both events is in no way compulsory or expected.
 You can come along to either or both as you wish.


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