[Talk-GB] LugRadio Live UK 2008

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
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If we had a virtual image then we could do plenty. What works best is if we
project the normal user interfaces up on a screen so that visitors can see
how it works, That could be done off a laptop or even directly off the
server perhaps. Some of the time you are zooming about on the map and some
of the time you are explaining about the user interface through www. A
static page or three of the wiki, even as an image, would explain how new
users find out more about it all. There isn't really the space to have lost
of people browsing a map.



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>Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
>> While we won't have access to the live db at the event
>Do you have enough machines available that if a virtual machine image of
>a working OSM stack got built, you could use that?
>I'm thinking:
>* Build VM image of OSM server
>* Import latest planet.osm just before show.
>* At show, build LAN with server and whatever client machines you can B/B/S
>* Configure JOSM/Potlatch on client machines to point to that (or just
>frig it in hosts).
>* Take snapshot of working server
>* Let visitors play to their hearts' content.
>* Restore snapshot if things get really messy
>I can't be there in person, so I could only help with the first bits of
>Jonathan (Jonobennett)
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