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Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 18:16:14 BST 2008

There's a few Sustran's volunteer "Rangers" within the OSM community,
myself included. We've tried various approaches to them with very
little success. They seem to like having sucky maps on their website,
charging a small fortune for maps that would be mostly unnecessary if
the routes were properly signed, and just use OS maps with wild
abandon internally. In fact, one of the staff from Sustrans offered me
their entire OS-derived mapping database if I wanted it, and I got
nowhere explaining to him why that wouldn't be allowed.

They seem fairly good at cycle routes and dreadful at all things maps,
and a classic example of why going out and doing stuff (us mapping the
network in less than a year) is often better than evangelizing (since
they still don't want to help nor understand us), and also why
self-delusion about the wonderful day that someone will turn round and
open the OS data simply is a waste of time perpetuated by British
newspapers who could be supporting and promoting OSM instead.


On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 5:46 PM, Russ Phillips <russ at phillipsuk.org> wrote:
> Hi list,
> On Saturday, the wife & I went to have a look at a local (Stoke on
> Trent) "fun day", and got talking to the guy at the Sustrans stand,
> largely because I started looking at his maps. I'm not a cyclist, so I
> don't know a great deal about Sustrans, but I get the impression that
> there are quite a few cyclists in OSM's ranks.
> It seems to me that Sustrans could benefit greatly from OSM (I know
> someone has already produced a cycle map), but the man we spoke to had
> never heard of OSM, and I got the distinct impression that he thought
> we were a bit mad! He did understand the value of mapping data, as
> opposed to maps, but he seemed to be pinning all his hopes on
> persuading the OS to make their data available (so much so that I
> started to wonder if that's something Sustrans is actively working on).
> So, I just thought I'd ask - do we have any contacts at Sustrans? If
> not, would it be worth trying to get some? The person we spoke to
> doesn't have a GPS, but the Foundation has some for loan. I know they
> were bought with the intention of loaning them at mapping parties, but
> would it be worth also loaning them to Sustrans people? Could we use
> Sustrans to advertise mapping parties, and get more people that way?
> Any thoughts?
> Russ
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