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>> A quiet revolution, with OSM showing how we might be better than what
>> have now seems to be the best approach and Andy's version of our data is
>> of the ways to prove that. And as Andy says, those of us who are Rangers
>> also have a say from the grass roots end of Sustrans and by showing the
>> local sustrans officers how our data can be used we may be able to spread
>> the word within.
>Well, at least now I know that people within OSM are *trying* to
>convince Sustrans. Is there any potential mileage in getting Sustrans
>people to mapping parties?

There are several layers to Sustrans. There are those that are not part of
the actual organisation, volunteers, many of them cyclists, who might or
might not be interested in maps and mapping. That's the group that help
maintain the routes. My experience indicates that most already in the ranger
programme are interested in cycling and not in making maps.

Then there are the regional sustrans office personnel, these do the grunt
work on recruiting and managing the network, working with the local
authorities etc etc. For these Sustrans is the day job, however I believe
most are committed to the cause too so while not necessarily interested in
maps or mapping are worth getting to know if you have the chance. Becoming a
ranger gives you that chance (I'll be in my regional office on Thursday for

Then there are the folks in Bristol that set policy and run the whole show,
these are the folks we have to influence regarding mapping because they
decide policy. Yes we can influence them via the others but to make a real
impact we have to demonstrate something tangable and of real benefit to
them. That will take time but I'm sure we can get there, though it will need
some headline grabbing demonstration of our mapping to make everyone sit up.

So, my belief is that in realty recruiting sustrans people to our cause is
unlikely to be very fruitful. Look instead for people with time on their
hands, those still in education, bored professionals like me ;-) and the



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