[Talk-GB] Business cards

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Thu Jun 26 09:41:23 BST 2008

On 24/06/2008 17:03, David Earl wrote:
> There's been a discussion about business cards on talk-gb.
> I will volunteer to compile a mail merge of people's details who want 
> cards and get sets of personalized business cards professionally printed 
> and cut.
> Just to get an indication of how many people might be interested, if you 
> think you'd like to do this, please send an email (any content will do) 
> to osm-business-cards at frankieandshadow.com (I won't read them, just 
> count them!)

Well, so far only 7 people have expressed interest.

It really needs about 20 people to make this viable.

If you didn't get round to letting me know, please still send a message 
to osm-business-cards at frankieandshadow.com . If it gets up to a viable 
level I'll let people know, otherwise I'm afraid it isn't going to be 
worth proceeding.

I've got some firmed up costs. It will be £1.80 for 90 cards, plus 88p 
P&P = £2.68. In other words, loose change.

I can still produce personalised cards to a common format in a PDF for 
you to print on your own card, but they won't be so high quality, and 
the cost isn't that much different.


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