[Talk-GB] NPE coverage

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Mar 28 18:10:40 GMT 2008

Shaun McDonald wrote:

> Why not do this for other layers, like Yahoo too?

Yes, there's a wider issue here and it's one I'm (not alone in)  
considering at the moment.

Potlatch will before too long automatically add a tag showing what  
background layer was in effect when you committed an edit. It will  
hopefully be fairly smart, so will only add a tag when the tiles are  
showing, will differentiate between Yahoo hi-res and Landsat, etc.

_However_ it's not yet decided whether this will be the traditional  
"source" tag or something new... and all this connects with other  
discussions about transactions and rollback which are also going on at  
the moment.

So there'll be something soon but I don't yet know exactly what it'll be. :)


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