[Talk-GB] NPE coverage

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Fri Mar 28 18:16:35 GMT 2008

On 28 Mar 2008, at 18:10, Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> Shaun McDonald wrote:
>> Why not do this for other layers, like Yahoo too?
> Yes, there's a wider issue here and it's one I'm (not alone in)
> considering at the moment.
> Potlatch will before too long automatically add a tag showing what
> background layer was in effect when you committed an edit. It will
> hopefully be fairly smart, so will only add a tag when the tiles are
> showing, will differentiate between Yahoo hi-res and Landsat, etc.
> _However_ it's not yet decided whether this will be the traditional
> "source" tag or something new... and all this connects with other
> discussions about transactions and rollback which are also going on at
> the moment.
While it's being discussed, how about using a new tag that can be  
changed back to source at a later date if necessary? ;-)


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