[Talk-GB] When is a B road still a B road?

Mike Paley GPS at pmailkeey.wanadoo.co.uk
Sat May 3 17:23:33 BST 2008

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> I'd follow the golden rule and tag what is on the ground.  The fact that
> some 50 year old map called it the B2032 doesn't help much if the LA have
> decided not to bother maintaining signposts that also say this.
> If its still a significant through route, but is consistently not signed
> a B road, then I'd probably mark it was tertiary in this case.  Possible
> with a note (or old_ref tag) referring to its historical B status.
> 80n

"We didn't get where we are today..." ...without history.

Are OSMers sentimental type folks ?

I know I'm interested in maps, GPS and 'old roads' - for the likes of
'Blackie', to me, the A47 still goes from Birmingham to Great Yarmouth (via
villages like Leicester) and whether you take the old road through Aston
University, along Alum Rock Rd or take the newer A47 route past St Mark's
Church and the end of Drews Lane or the current route along the 'spine
road'. After all, OS maps still show the paths of Roman roads !

IMO, OSM should be up to date and reflect the current situation.

However, there maybe a case for a historical version of OSM to show what
used to be.


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