[Talk-GB] mapping props

Matthew Gates matthew at porpoisehead.net
Sun May 4 14:59:07 BST 2008

I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes I get some pretty odd looks 
while out mapping - especially in residential areas where there are a lot 
of elderly people. 

They watch me cycling up to the end of their quiet cul-de-sac's and then 
turning round and going down the next one, taking photos of street signs as 
I go.  I think they suspect me of being up to no good. I would hate to 
think I'm causing them to worry.

Does anyone on this list carry some indication of whet they are really 
doing?  I was thinking of getting a high-visibility vest and printing "OSM  
Survey" on it (with the URL of the main site underneath).  No doubt this 
would be thought to be a marketing survey or something, but it might help 
to quash the suspicion I seen to arouse.

Maybe this doesn't happen to anyone else, and it's just that I look dodgy, 
or that York is particularly rich in paranoid residents...?


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