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Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
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Afraid I can't make tomorrow, but will try to do the 2nd one. Whilst you
are there could someone resolve the 'way move' that has happened by
mistake at Canary Wharf:
It looks like just one way called "Jubilee Park" has moved North and
should be alongside the park called Jubilee Park. It has dragged all its
linked ways with it of course. I would do it but don't know area well
enough to be confidant.
PS: the other similar move that shows on mapnik at Westferry Road seems
to have been rectified.


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Hi Mappers,

The next Micro Mapping party in the 2008 London Mapping Marathon will  
be tomorrow on the Isle of Dogs, on the north side of the River Thames.

The after mapping map up will be The Watermans Inn.

We will be revisiting the Isle of Dogs in 4 weeks time, as it is a big  
area to cover and there is a lot of unmapped stuff there. For those  
that don't like working on areas that people have traced from the  
Yahoo images, pick a more blank area, as it's likely that it isn't  
done yet. It is an area that is a complete mix of expensive apartments  
on the river bank to council estates to offices.


The cake will come by lunch time.


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