[Talk-GB] Surrey meet-up?

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Fri Dec 4 09:41:58 GMT 2009

> I've just uploaded my escapade at the weekend, as I still us
> potlach how can
> I see which traces are mine and is it possible to download all
> traces in an
> area and see the time stamps?

Gosh, was I drunk last night...

Anyway, I think I'm right about g vs G

I seem to have been wrong about the details if you put your mouse
over a trace though. I'm sure I've seen that happen somewhere
though. May have been JOSM as I use both.

With regards traces and time stamps I think this is probably best
done in JOSM. I just tried it - downloading only the GPS information
for an area and saving that as GPX. It depends on the options that
were used when uploading the traces how much information you get
back. Some of the tracks only show latitude and longitude, but
others (identifiable?) give quite a bit more information. One
  <trk>    <url>http://api.openstreetmap.org/trace/232659/view</url>
    <desc>Stour Woods Nature Reserve (+)</desc>
      <trkpt lat="51.932977" lon="1.165585">
(note when the identifiable option came in I changed all my existing
traces to be identifiable, from public, which is why this one from
last October is, though it predated the option being available).


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