[Talk-GB] Grauniad top 100 websites

Bob Kerr openstreetmapcraigmillar at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 10 19:05:58 GMT 2009

It was also in the grundian too :)
from going back to typing school

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Subject: Re: [Talk-GB] Grauniad top 100 websites
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Date: Thursday, 10 December, 2009, 13:58

> At 12:29 PM 10/12/2009, Bob Kerr wrote:
>>Openstreetmap made the Guardians top 100 again this year.
> "A rights-free map created by people like you. Remarkably detailed and
> precise."
> I wonder if we can, er, borrow that tag-line?

Wouldn't that require a long discussion on licensing conditions with the
Grauniad? (insert smiley of choice ...)
David James

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