[Talk-GB] latest garmin cyclemap img

andrew news at sylva.icuklive.co.uk
Mon Dec 21 20:24:28 GMT 2009

Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> andrew wrote:
>> The site where I downloaded my last one is not available. Where is
>> the most up to date source of the garmin gmapsupp.img with contours
>> available?
> I used to have it on my dev.osm.org account, but the dev server changed
> over and I haven't had chance to generate and upload a new one yet.
> Sorry about that. 

I wondered what had happened and didn't wish to cast aspersions ;-)

> I'll try and do so in the New Year but I do wish 
> someone would invent the 30-hour day.

I just wish I were more competent and able to take on the task. BTW your
improvements to potlach are great, especially for someone like me that just
adds the odd path here and there.


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