[Talk-GB] Sustrans long-distance routes

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Jan 5 10:47:55 GMT 2009

As of this weekend we have our first really long-distance National  
Cycle Network route substantially complete.

Route 4 is now done from London to Fishguard, including both 'braids'  
through Wiltshire. There are some tiny gaps in London and Bristol; the  
NCN route itself is incomplete in Newport, and I suspect Carmarthen;  
and Pontypridd could do with a little attention. Otherwise it's all  

A few others which are approaching completeness:

- NCN8 (Lon Las Cymru) from Cardiff to Holyhead. Two braids are  
incomplete, and there's a handful of other little gaps.

- NCN68 (Pennine Cycleway) from Derby to Berwick. One braid is  
half-done (around Burnley) and another not done at all (from  
Bellingham), but otherwise complete.

- NCN51 (Oxford-Cambridge-Felixstowe). Newmarket to Bury St Edmunds  
looks to be missing - perhaps not open yet? - and also bits around  
Milton Keynes and Sandy.

- The C2C. Some shortish gaps in the Lake District, and missing the  
alternate finish via NCN7 on the East Coast.

And right on time, there's been a lot of attention to OSM this week  
from one of the biggest cycling forums. Generally they like us. :)



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