[Talk-GB] Sustrans long-distance routes

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 10:24:37 GMT 2009

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> Gregory Williams wrote:
> > I'll be cycling most of NCR1 this summer as part of a round Britain
> > cycle trip :-). So there will be only very short sections unmapped
> > after that (if any). I'll also be covering some of the other
> > unmapped NCN routes for parts of my trip.
> Wow, sounds excellent. Let us know your itinerary when you know it so
> the rest of us can plan our 2009 explorations accordingly!
> If you're going through South Wales, it might be more fruitful from a
> mapping point of view to follow NCN47 (largely unmapped) from
> Carmarthen to Llanelli. And I'd recommend NCN47 from Fishguard to
> Carmarthen, even though it's fully mapped: the journey over the
> Preseli Hills is much more enjoyable IMO than the coastal route.
Yes, since you announced the effective completion of NCR4 I was thinking
about mapping NCR47 instead. I note that there is a longer section of
unmapped NCR47 between Neath and just north of Pontypridd. So, I'm
tempted to map that section as well as the NCR47 section you mention.

The Fishguard -> Canterbury trip is principally to allow me to iron out
any issues ahead of the longer trip in the summer. I chose Fishguard
because it would allow me to get lots of NCN mapping done as well. So,
NCR47 needing some mapping is ideal as an alternative to NCR4. It'll
still enable me to do the Bristol to Bath path, which I've been
intending to cycle for a bit now.

I will putting online my itinerary for the summer trip online in due
course, once I've confirmed it all. In short the route is Canterbury ->
Dover (to take in that "corner" of the country) -> Lands End using bits
of NCR2, NCR3, and NCR27 -> John O'Groats using many different NCN
routes, but also quite a bit of non-NCN -> Canterbury using mainly NCR1,
but taking in bits of unmapped NCR65 and NCR13 along the way where we
already have NCR1 mapping.


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