[Talk-GB] Sustrans long-distance routes

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 10:47:53 GMT 2009

Agreed. I think we'll have almost all of the NCN mapped by the end of
this year, so the "it's incomplete" argument won't even be valid. There
are places in the OS / Sustrans map where it doesn't match the ground.
I've since notified them of the necessary corrections, but it was much
simpler with OSM: Enter the data correctly in the first place and just
wait for the tiles to render.


Gregory Williams


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It will be great when Sustran can make the decision to ditch their
crappy online map system (takes about half a day to load 1 tile) and use
OpenCycleMap in some way.

I started to read through that forum thread, it's really interesting and
good to see other people getting involved. I even spotted someone from
Devon going for mapping their area, wonderful to have hope that the West
Country will eventually be mapped.

Gregory Marler

2009/1/5 Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net>

Gregory Williams wrote:

> I'll be cycling most of NCR1 this summer as part of a round Britain
> cycle trip :-). So there will be only very short sections unmapped
> after that (if any). I'll also be covering some of the other
> unmapped NCN routes for parts of my trip.

Wow, sounds excellent. Let us know your itinerary when you know it so
the rest of us can plan our 2009 explorations accordingly!

If you're going through South Wales, it might be more fruitful from a
mapping point of view to follow NCN47 (largely unmapped) from
Carmarthen to Llanelli. And I'd recommend NCN47 from Fishguard to
Carmarthen, even though it's fully mapped: the journey over the
Preseli Hills is much more enjoyable IMO than the coastal route.


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