[Talk-GB] NCN51 Milton Keynes (was: Re: Sustrans long-distance routes)

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Tue Jan 6 22:54:42 GMT 2009

Shaun and I went to map the NCN51 between Bedford and Milton Keynes.

>From the west, the signage stopped at a metal plaque in the ground
which marked the crossing of NCN51 and NCN6


you would not be able to follow sustrans signs beyond that point.
After some exploring, we happened upon a lone NCN51 sign in the woods:


but it didn't lead to any further signs (we wondered if they were
having problems with the landowners of Willen Lake prohibiting signs?)

Following the route from the east, the last NCN51 sign was outside the
Wavendon Arms:


That leads onto a cycle path (painted onto the sidewalk) leading into
Woburn Sands, but there were no further signs.  I think there may have
been a 'cyclists dismount' or 'end of cycle route' sign as it
approaches the level-crossing in Woburn Sands, not a great
encouragement to anyone following a national cycle route.  I had to
follow trunk roads and road-signs to get into Milton Keynes from

We later followed the road into Wavendon, in case this helps anyone
exploring the area, and found no NCN signs along that road:


The cycle paths between those two ends of NCN51 show some of our
attemps to locate the cycleway.  There are many cycle paths in that
area, but none with red sustrans "51" signs.

Our conclusion that day was that NCN51 was undefined through that part
of Milton Keynes.

Later we looked at the Sustrans PDF map which showed the area as a
grey "proposed route", which correlates with the lack of signage we

I think the really big message from our day trying to find NCN51 was:
please let people know when the route stops.  If some blue sign really
is the *last* blue sign for 10 miles (e.g. through Cranfield which
isn't signposted from the east either) then have a sign to say 'this
is the end of our signage' and preferably display a map to show people
how to reach the next section of NCN route.

But in terms of OSM mapping, maybe Shaun can confirm this but I
believe our coverage of NCN51 through Milton Keynes accurately
represents what exists (as of summer 2008)

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 10:47 AM, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:
> - NCN51 (Oxford-Cambridge-Felixstowe). Newmarket to Bury St Edmunds
> looks to be missing - perhaps not open yet? - and also bits around
> Milton Keynes and Sandy.

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