[Talk-GB] NCN51 Milton Keynes (was: Re: Sustrans long-distance routes)

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Wed Jan 7 00:12:11 GMT 2009

OJ W wrote:

> I think the really big message from our day trying to find NCN51 was:
> please let people know when the route stops.  If some blue sign really
> is the *last* blue sign for 10 miles (e.g. through Cranfield which
> isn't signposted from the east either) then have a sign to say 'this
> is the end of our signage' and preferably display a map to show people
> how to reach the next section of NCN route.

Agreed absolutely. We had the same experience in Newport on Saturday  
and spent probably 60-90 minutes hunting for the way through,  
including a fruitless excursion up a pretty steep hill. Turns out it's  
probably the only lacuna in several hundred miles of Route 4  
(Carmarthen might be another, but that's to be fixed as part of  

It doesn't help that local councils like to put up signs saying "End  
of cycle route", which doesn't actually mean "End of NCN route" at  
all, but rather "End of a particular bit of pavement/track/whatever".


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