[Talk-GB] NCN51 Milton Keynes (was: Re: Sustrans long-distance routes)

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Wed Jan 7 00:47:17 GMT 2009

On 6 Jan 2009, at 22:54, OJ W wrote:

> I think the really big message from our day trying to find NCN51 was:
> please let people know when the route stops.  If some blue sign really
> is the *last* blue sign for 10 miles (e.g. through Cranfield which
> isn't signposted from the east either) then have a sign to say 'this
> is the end of our signage' and preferably display a map to show people
> how to reach the next section of NCN route.

I'd really love that. As another example, I thought I had completed  
the southern end of the london cycle network route 23, but then months  
later found some more signs several miles further south. It seems that  
when you are heading southbound at Crystal Palace Parade, you have to  
guess the next couple of junctions before you find another sign.

I'd also like to see more signage telling you which direction you are  
travelling, especially when you hit a spur to the network. It can be  
very annoying if you are out for a leisurely cycle and come across the  
cycle network, and decide to follow it if it is going roughly the  
direction you want to go, but are unable to due to not knowing where  
it will take you. The sign shouldn't just give the next couple of  
towns, rather a really big well known town/city/end of route that  
everyone should know, as well.
I know the signage of the ncn21 from Caterham to just outside is very  
good in this respect, so you know by going a short distance along the  
route which direction your heading. All the direction signs have  
Redhill for those travelling south bound and Grenwich for those  
travelling north bound. Why can't more routes be like that?

> But in terms of OSM mapping, maybe Shaun can confirm this but I
> believe our coverage of NCN51 through Milton Keynes accurately
> represents what exists (as of summer 2008)

I can confirm that the map is as accurate as possible as at the time  
when we cycled it. The signage of the route was pretty much non- 
existent for the missing section of the route. Going through Milton  
Keynes town was also a little confusing, as it was easy to mis-read  
the signs.


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