[Talk-GB] Locating postboxes - any photos around?

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Wed Jan 14 08:57:21 GMT 2009

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> Apologies for cross-posting, and sorry if you already knew about this.
> I searched talk-gb via Google and found nothing, and this was new to
> me until a few days ago.
> A nifty project that uses OSM to locate postboxes:
> http://www.dracos.co.uk/play/locating-postboxes/
> If Royal Mail won't provide a map, then OSM and Dracos' project could
> do so in time, which could be useful PR for OSM.
> Quote: "The Royal Mail supplied a list of every postbox's location -
> unfortunately, it did not have useful co-ordinates, only postcodes or
> sub-postcodes and some textual data. So I wrote this site: look up the
> postboxes near you by entering the first half of your postcode, locate
> one whose location you know on the map, pick which postbox you've
> located, and submit. The pages also include postbox last collection
> times, if we know them."
> Even handier:
> "You can add postboxes and their references to OSM - use a key of ref,
> and this site will automatically pick them up every week or so."
> I tend to map with a camera and take photos of the front plate of
> postboxes where possible. The reference needed is at the bottom of the
> plate, e.g. LS1 258
> Hope this prompts a few more to join in! 6,654 postboxes located so
> far...
> cheers,
> LT

It also makes for an interesting way to do mapping. In a few recent
lunchtimes I've been making a list of a few as-yet unreferenced
postboxes and going out to get the locations and references. I then map
other things I see on the way as well, e.g. I've been doing filling in
of roads where we don't have names.

Of course Royal Mail's descriptions for the locations of some of the
postboxes leave a little to be desired, but that's just part of the fun!


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